Client Testimonials

“Thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. Everyone I work with has been giving you praise about speedy and clear responses, so just wanted to say I also really appreciate it.” Felix, February 2023.

“I feel cleansed.  Only took 45 minutes too!  I LOVE learning this stuff.”  Nils, Japan, March 2022.

“I’m truly relieved I can rely on you for your expertise and guidance as not only do I like to do the right thing by everyone but it is important that you run it the way you see fit.” Amy, Sydney, Australia July 2020.

“Appreciate your work and I will be happy to send work your way if the question ever comes up.  Thanks again.”  Dwight, Brisbane, October 2016

“Thank you again for your services this year.  We are very happy to work with you.”  NS, Niseko, June 2016

“Today is the last day of the fiscal year.  We feel a million times more on top of things than what we did a year ago.”  MP, Tokyo, June 2016.

“Already I can see and feel a huge difference you have made in the very short time since we engaged your services.  I have never been given this much attention by my previous accountants nor by my accountants in Australia in my previous company.  Thanks for your attentiveness.”  Jeremy, Kutchan, April 2015

The lack of communication in English has been a problem from the beginning. Jonathan, your reporting on the data entry has given us an insight that we hadn’t had in the past.”  Graeme, New South Wales, Australia, March 2015.

“Settled both my tax bill and your accounting fee. I feel like a new man!! Thanks for all your help and being so generous with your time. I will recommend your services to anyone who listens!!” Glen, Niseko, October 2013.

“Having you on board gives us an understanding of what’s happening and that is the difference between before and after Jonathan Amos.” GH, Niseko, May 2012.

“Our Japanese accountant came today for a visit/check-up on the books and was very pleased with what you had done. Many thanks from us and her. It has made our life so much easier.”  Niseko customer, May 2013.

“Wonderful. Many thanks for all your help and advice on this and please issue the invoice.” Ben, Niseko, March 2012.

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