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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Do you have time for a call sometime? I am based in Tokyo and have a small recruitment company.

    I recently lost the services of my accountant a few months ago so am exploring finding a new accountant. We are using Xero and our accounts have been completed up to August. Our physical year end is July.


  2. Marcus Otlowski says:

    Dear Jonathan Amos,

    My name is Marcus Otlowski, and I live in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. I’d like to know if you can help me find the way through the maze of Japanese tax law between Japan and Australia.

    I have been a non-resident of Australia for more than 30 years. I bought and rented a property in Hobart from 2001 to now. I have declared to the Japanese and Australian tax offices that I have rented the property, so I pay non-resident tax each year and declare the rent to the Japanese tax office.

    I am planning to sell the house before June next year. I understand the Australian tax office will take a high tax percentage in capital gains tax when I sell my house. Also, I am aware the Australian tax office has changed the law regarding non-residents selling property. My lawyer (my brother) and accountants in Hobart will advise me on the law in Australia.

    However, they are unfamiliar with non-residents selling houses in Australia and then moving the money to Japan. I have tried to understand the double taxation agreement between Japan and Australia. I need an accountant familiar with Japan’s law so I do not pay over what I must pay.

    I have some questions about the Japanese tax.
    Regarding Japanese tax, is timing important when I sell the property?

    Would I be hit with taxes from both countries? From my reading, the income comes from the property in Australia, so I would not have to pay Japanese tax for selling the house due to the Japanese and Australian Tax Agreements.

    Please give me an estimate of your fees to provide this advice.


    Marcus Otlowski

  3. Marcus Otlowski says:

    I thought this was a personal request, so if you please delete my iPhone and address, and the
    information is posted on the internet.

  4. Hi,

    I have a KK in Tokyo. Our current accountant has recently gotten quite ill and has said that he cannot continue working on our account.

    We need someone to complete our tax returns for YE2022 and YE2023 (FY is February to January), and consumption tax filings for the last two years.

    There is some time pressure, as I need to renew my visa on July 11th and had expected our current accountant to have finished by end of April. This is all quite a surprise.

    Would you have the time to a) get us up to date, and b) migrate us from Excel and PDFs file to Xero for YE2024 onwards?

    All our data is in Excel, with filterable columns for everything. We also have every receipt, invoice and expense as PDFs (apart from the cases where this was not possible – a rare event).

    For the two years combined, we have 109 client invoices and 1,862 supplier bills or expenses.

    I am free to talk by phone/email/Zoom/Teams at any time of day or night you want to schedule.

    Can you help?

    Kind regards,


  5. Sebastien says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Sebastien here, we met in Horie.
    You were with your bike and I was with my kite.
    I didn’t think I needed your services at the time, but now I might 😉
    Good that I took a mental note at the time…
    Email me when you can!

    1. Jonathan says:

      My email to did not get through. Do you have another email address, please?

      1. Sebastien says:

        Sorry mis of 2 addresses I guess: should work

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